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brain overload, squiggle-fuck

February 2008

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brain overload, squiggle-fuck

I Suppose This is Goodbye


[Insert Violins Here]

Oh, not forever. Hah, like I could live without my precious. I am, however, going to be using a new LJ: vandulocity. I'll be adding everyone on my current friendslist. If you see this as an excellent opportunity to be rid of me, then frolic and be free! If not, then please do add me on that journal. I promise not to bite any more than I do now.

I was going to wait until after my birthday, but then I realised that my paid account runs out on the 19th and that to pay for another four months (because you have to pay for two months at a time) and not use one would just be stupid.

So there. That's everything!

Oh, except that I have a boyfriend. He has no idea of what he's getting into. Hannah, don't scare him... ;)

ETA: All previously public entries are now friends-only. I will still add people who are curious for some odd reason to this journal. Although I'm not sure why you'd want to. Email cerys AT dvelopphotography DOT com.


Take care of him! They are fragile!

*adds new lj* :)
Aww no more (active)TJJ!!! *weeps briefly). Have added new one, ta muchly. But yaay shiny new blog w00p! Hehe, am still on my first one (as you know ^-^ loyal blogger, me! LOL!)
Grats for the bf... As if I'd scare him *looks around shiftily then cackles* I've just gotta make sure he deserves you darlin ^,~
Take care xXx