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brain overload, squiggle-fuck

February 2008

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brain overload, squiggle-fuck

One Last Thing


No. Bad Government. That's a VERY BAD GOVERNMENT.

If that doesn't seem wrong to you, then you obviously have something VERY WRONG WITH YOU.

I am against ID cards not because it's an invasion of my privacy, but because it's bloody pointless, and I am opposed to pointless things that cost me A HUNDRED FUCKING QUID. If you're going to blackmail an entire generation into putting all of their personal details into one place, at least give it to them for free. How many students trying to get loans do YOU know that have a spare hundred quid lying around?
Which means that it's not just students who this affects- it's their parents, too. Because it's going to fall to THEM to pay for these cards, and I know a lot of parents who don't have a hundred quid spare. So much for giving preference to people who were less likely to go to uni- now they won't be able to pay for it anyway, because they won't be able to get a loan.

Are they going to decide that you can't get a pension until you get an ID card? If there's a group of people LESS likely to be able to pay for one than a student, it's a pensioner. They already get fucked over with the amount of money they're expected to live off, so the logical thing is obviously to take another hundred pounds off them.

And what comes next? No schooling without one? No healthcare? No jobs? No housing? If they get away with this, where will it end up?

Something to think about, perhaps. Do me a favour and pass it on.